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The Difference is Real

where genuine experience and knowledge combine to offer the professionalism that is ... LET THERE BE LIGHT


Our staff have extensive knowledge and experience in both interior & exterior office, retail and commercial lighting solutions.

Exit & Emergency

Our skilled staff has extensive knowledge and experience in supply, installation and maintenance of all forms of emergency and exit lighting.


Complete electrical services and emergency assistance.


WE Provide Lighting & Electrical Maintenance Services to Commercial, Industrial, Retail & body Corporate Properties.

What They're Saying

See what our valued clients are saying about LET THERE BE LIGHT and read some of our testimonials.

What We Do

"... it takes a team of lighting specialists to design and implement optimum lighting for your environment."

Optimal Lighting

Any electrician can install a few light fittings or change some globes but it takes a team of lighting specialists to design and implement optimum lighting for your environment.

Optimal Lighting Importance

Providing lighting design, installation and maintenance solutions for . . .


Wherever possible, LET THERE BE LIGHT will install energy-saving lamps and lighting solutions to benefit both you and the environment.

Setting the Mood For Clients and Customers

Recent studies have shown that lighting colour tones have a great impact on the mood you create with interior decoration.

LET THERE BE LIGHT can lighten, brighten or warm-up any space to suit the conditions that are required for any specific area of your business.


Enjoy a reduction in energy usage as energy-efficient solutions will be provided wherever possible.


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